My World of Art

Humanity maintains its existence in a process of “existence and absence” in nature cycles. As we struggle with the destructive aspects to create a space for ourselves, we also seek in its healing sides. All our efforts are to understand nature and to solve its mysteries as much as possible. As we understand it more, we will be able to unravel our own secret and reason for existence. Our five senses gifted to our bodies are a unique tool to feel, realize and make sense of this cycle of nature.

I think that art is the original and elegant reflections that pass through the filters of these five senses. In fact, everyone has an artist identity within themselves, just waiting to be revealed. As for myself, I opened the doors of art within me with painting.

I am trying to develop my interest in painting at Funda Tarakcioglu workshop under her teaching. I generally apply fairy tale bird figures on oil paintings and acrylics using different textures.

In addition to painting, I do sculpture and ceramic works at Dirmil Art Workshop whenever I am in Bodrum.

As a physician who has adopted the understanding that body, soul and mind are a whole as a basic principle, I learned that art has a tremendous healing power of the human soul by experiencing it in this process. I attended many trainings on art psychotherapy. I once again understood nature and colors and reinterpreted it on canvases.
I especially liked fairy-tale bird figures and love to immortalize by reflecting their naïve, elegant and beautiful world.
I participated in many national and international exhibitions with my work to be donated to the Strong Family Autism Association. I am the Art and Science Coordinator of this Association. I am also a member of Turkey's first and only Art Portal, Lebriz . Creating in front of a canvas is one of my happiest activities in life.