The M is a brand established to bring together the pureness and richness of nature with science. It follows the power of nature and accepts its guidance. 

The M is a dermocosmetics brand with natural ingredients, formulated under the supervision of Dr. Müge Uğurlu. The products were developed as a result of 4 years of R&D studies. The brand first launched the “Immortelle” skin care series with natural ingredients containing immortal flower essential oil. All products in the series also contain other valuable herbal ingredients, such as resveratrol obtained from red grape seed, hyaluronic acid obtained from wheat germ, pomegranate seed extract, arnica montana extract, and organic aloe vera. Its fresh and beautiful fragrance comes from natural plant extracts.


The M is a brand focused on providing comprehensive solutions to the true needs of the skin. It believes that you need a regular skincare routine and a product with powerful ingredients, rather than using dozens of products. The products do not contain preservatives, paraben, SLES, dyes, alcohol, and perfume. They are vegan and have not been tested on animals. The packaging of the products is environmentally friendly and recyclable.