After graduating from Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine, I completed my specialty training in the Department of Radiology in the same faculty. I am also a medical aesthetics practitioner. I worked as an attending physician at Taksim Training and Research Hospital until 2016.

Since 2016, I have been practicing Homeopathy, a holistic medical approach that is the second most common treatment in the world according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

I studied Homeopathy at Istanbul Medipol University Faculty of Medicine. After, I continued my studies with advanced training at George Vithoulkas Homeopathy Academy and received an internationally recognized Homeopathy Diploma from ECH (The European Committee for Homeopathy). To further increase my experience in the field of Homeopathy, I worked at Dr Pareek's Homeopathy Hospital in Agra, India for a short period of time.

I received various trainings on clinical aromatherapy and functional medicine practices at Bezm-i Alem University Faculty of Medicine.

In all the training I received in medical school and professional life, I learned the importance of Hippocratic medicine principle "There is no disease, there is only a patient". I realized the importance of preventive medicine, that body, soul and mind are inseparable from each other, and we can achieve permanent healing only when we evaluate human as a whole. I have always followed the basic principle that treatments should be personalized, and most importantly, should not harm the patient. Based on this, I founded M Clinic Pharma to provide my patients with safe products, which are used in holistic medicine practices and preventive medicine, formulized under the best conditions. Afterwards, I created The M, a brand of dermocosmetic products with natural ingredients. My biggest goal is to bring the richness of nature for the well-being and health of our skin with The M, which was formulized with clinical studies.

Soul-body-mind is a whole, and art is a magnificent tool that connects this whole in a healthy way. In this sense, I am happy to have had the opportunity to experience many mediums of visual arts. I especially like to draw bird figures in my oil paintings, to reflect their naive, elegant, and beautiful world. I am a volunteer and act as the director of the Science and Art Board at the Autism Strong Family Foundation. I donate the income from the sale of my paintings to the foundation. My oil paintings were presented in many national and international exhibitions.. Besides painting, I work on sculpture and ceramics in various art workshops in Bodrum. As a physician, having experienced all this, I also realized that art has a great healing power. I have attended many trainings and seminars on art psychotherapy.


My vision is to move forward in the direction of our great leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, without giving up the habit of scientific thinking and practice. In addition, I aim to expand the work fields of M Clinic Pharma, continue learning, make art, paint more birds, and fly them all over the world.