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Who Am I

I was born as the second daughter of a construction engineer father and a lawyer mother in Istanbul Cihangir Clinic on  23rd  May, 1969 as the sun had just started to pass through the zodiac Gemini. I completed my primary school education at Macka Primary School, my secondary and high school education at Besiktas Ataturk High School.

My childhood years was filled with my passion for bale and of endlessly watching the musical movie “Fame” themed of performing arts students of the 80’s. 

My inspiration to become a doctor and to begin my studies in Medical School in 1986 came from my late grandfather Kemalettin Tolunay who was an Ophthalmologist and my role model I looked up to and was very proud of. After I graduated  from Istanbul University School of Medicine in 1992, I completed my education specializing in Radiology Department of the same university and worked in Taksim Training and Research Hospital as a Radiology Specialist until 2016.

After leaving my duties from Taksim Hospital, my interest in Holistic Medicine was aroused. I studied Homeopathy in Medipol University School of Medicine and received my internationally recognized ECH (The European Committee for Homeopathy) diploma. I attended advanced level of studies from a master tutor in Homeopathy, George Vithoulkas in Greece. In order to enhance my field and experience in Homeopathy, I attended Dr Pareek’s Homeopathic Hospital in Agra, India. I have also participated in basic trainings on functional medicine applications which have gained importance in holistic approaches. I learned the specifics of Aromatherapy at Bezmialem University School of Medicine to benefit from the amazing healing power of plants which I was interested in since my student years and combine it with other therapeutic methods.

From all of my learnings throughout my education and my career life, I have learnt and realized the importance of the principles of Hippocrates being “It’s more important to know what sort of person has a disease than to know what sort of disease a person has”, the importance of preventative medicine, the  body mind and soul are inseparable from each other and that a patient must be evaluated as a hole when it comes to lasting treatment.

I have always adopted the basic principle that treatments should be done exclusively to the individual and most importantly without harming the patient. From this point of view, I established M Clinic Pharma to provide my patients with safe products that are produced in the best conditions and used in holistic and preventative medicine.

A great endevour of my life was to create and experience every form of visual and performing arts, It has added excitement and beauty into my life of which I can get up to everyday. In this new world that I discovered, I created my own scene without expecting an applause. At times, I wore my balet shoes, rose on my toes and danced and at times I became the lead actress on my own stage. Fascinated with the magic of colours, I created oil paintings with bird figures and participated in many national and international exhibitions.

By joining into literature and writing workshops, I learned how to exceed my boundaries and how dreams can come true by writing. In this delightful journey along with my tutors, I have evolved not only in art but also from their teachings of life.

As a Physician, by experiencing all this, I realized the great healing power art has on an individual. I have also attended numerous trainings and seminars on art psychotherapy. I have been painting and sculpturing continuously since 2016.

My most valuables, blessings and great supporters from my motherhood journey are my beloved daughters Defne and Cagla.

As for my plans for the future; I will be following the words of advice of our great leader Ataturk “Advance without giving up on scientific thinking and practise”, developing M Clinic Pharma’s fields of activity,  continue my art activities without a break  and keep drawing more bird figures and fly them all over the world.

Muge Ugurlu, MD