Metrocity D Blok K.4 Levent / İstanbul

My World of Art

I have had the opportunity to work and experience almost every form of art since my childhood and have discovered that when I am involved in creating art, I become a happier and healthier individual, easily flow through life, like myself the way I am and express myself better. My self awareness and satisfaction has increased since I have started creating. Art became more like a therapy method than just a hobby to me and at the same time a way of life.

I have great passion for art which derives from my education in anatomy in medical school which I am trying to enhance with the guidance of Funda Tarakcioglu at her Atelier. Generally I work with fairytale bird figures by using different textures in oil painting on canvas and on acrylic.

At the same time I do sculpture works and while I am in Bodrum I go to Dirmil Art Studio’s working on handcrafting ceramics and pottery.

As for the exhibitions that I have attended so far; 2016 Key Art, 2018 Red Atelier themed “Tales with Olives”, October 2018 Germany Cologne Lindental group exhibitions and May 2019 International Germany exhibition being one of the 18 female artists held in Turkish Embassy in Berlin, themed “Nature belongs to itself”. In addition, I am a member of Turkey’s one and only art platform